BCS Energy Nigeria Limited has obtained Generation License from Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission for its 1000MW Geregu Power Project

Our Impact

BCS is determined to offset the current trend of environmentally challenging conditions set by industry

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Energy Technologies

Traditional production of electricity from fossil fuel sources is

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Clean Energy

The benefits of generating electricity using clean renewable

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Since 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water, the ocean is an untapped resource whose energy is immense

Waste-To-Energy Power

Pyrolytic gasification technology optimized to solve today’s waste management challenge.

Wind Power

Wind energy is a reliable, renewable and inexhaustible energy resource capable of providing the world with all of its energy needs


Biomass and Biofuels are a renewable energy source that is derived from plant-based organic materials.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, and its delivery from the source of production to the site of end use is extremely efficient and environmentally friendly.

Solar Power

Without the sun, life would not exist on our planet. Every day we use the sun’s energy and with Solar Power we can harness the sun’s energy to create sustainable, clean energy